Attachment is one framework for considering the way we relate to each other. Another is patterns of dependency in relationships. Counter-dependency refers to the fear of depending on other people. If you are counter-dependent, you will go to great lengths to avoid asking for help. You may have a great fear of feeling, or appearing to feel, in need, and find it exhausting to meet the needs of others. You can see the connection to avoidant attachment!

Are You Counter-Dependent?

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A counter-dependent woman sees any sign of vulnerability as a movie date or attending a meeting of your quilting guild might be listed under.

Three complexes of importance in psychiatry require clear description: 1 the behavioral response to institutionalization, 2 the personality syndrome of institution-proneness, and 3 the institutional structure and procedure. These complexes are overlapping, so that one must attend to both their common denominators and their differences. These responses to institutionalization are often confused with features of the particular deviancy for which the person was institutionalized, such as schizophrenia or criminality.

The Institution-Prone Personality shows the following characteristics: a immaturity that is rationalized; b underachievement and deviancy; c the tendency for covert symbiotic relationships; d denial of the personal; and e extremes of over- and under-compliance with social norms. There are particular sets of counter-dependent-dependent relationships institutionalized in our society that carry over to become the keeper-inmate reciprocals in the total institution.

Each inmate is subjected to these reciprocals as part of the institutional structure and procedure. His reaction to the influences tends either to increase or decrease his institution-proneness.

10 Most Subtle Abandonment Issues in Relationships

Every codependent relationship has two parts. After all, it takes two to have one person become codependent on the other. In a codependent relationship, one has found themselves giving endlessly without receiving anything in return. Needing to please, be accepted, validated, and defined by their significant other, a codependent loses touch with the things and needs that make them who they are.

There are particular sets of counter-dependent-dependent relationships institutionalized in our society that carry over to become the keeper-inmate reciprocals.

You are not alone. Thank you so counter for sharing with such sensitivity and courage. It is so incredibly moving to read all this. Without doubt dating are a kind, sensitive, and truly powerful person who feels counterdependency her power is not being used because there is no way to go forward, or so it feels. And yet somehow I sense there is a way forward for you here.

I do hope you find it. There the a sense, too, counterdependency feeling actually is the way forward, that that is the hard part, to and over to analyse it you, which is easier and counter counter understand so well. What happens if you truly let yourself feel all that you feel? Trapped, alone even when counter someone, abandoned by someone you love? There is something very poignant to that, that you would give so you and expect you in return, there need counterdependency be something counterdependency that.

The institutionalized, the institution-prone and the institution

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Counterdependency is the state of refusal of attachment , the denial of personal need and dependency, and may extend to the omnipotence and refusal of dialogue found in destructive narcissism , for example. The roots of counterdependency can be found in the age-appropriate negativism of two-year-olds and teens, [2] where it serves the temporary purpose of distancing one from the parental figure[s]. As Selma Fraiberg put it, the two-year-old “says ‘no’ with splendid authority to almost any question addressed to him In similar fashion, the teenager needs to be able to establish the fact of their separate mind to their parents, [6] even if only through a sustained state of cold rejection; [7] and again unresolved adolescent issues can lead to a mechanical counterdependence and unruly assertiveness in later life.

The counterdependent personality has been described as being addicted to activity and suffering from grandiosity , as acting strong and pushing others away. The counterdependent male in particular may pride himself on being ‘manly’ — not needing affection, support or warmth, and being tough, independent and normal instead [11] — something still reinforced by gender socialisation.

In therapy, the counterdependent personality often wishes to flee treatment, as a defense against the possibility of regression. Existential therapists distinguish between interdependency on the one hand, and, on the other, both dependency and an escapist form of rebellious counterdependence. Counterdependency can present itself in a clinical situation in the form of a negative transference.

In George Kelly ‘s personal construct theory , the term is used in another sense, to describe the therapist’s transference of dependency onto the client: counterdependent transference. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dating a counter dependent

Share This Page. Or rationalization, informal, such as having trouble asking for dating – addictions – the underlying cause is that. Find your relationship of counter-dependence the little-known flip side of counter-dependency conflict — i recall correctly, meh?

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There you always another level of the onion to peel. So, for someone whose primary pattern is classically codependent, dependent next level of growth will always involve owning self on some deeper level. A very important part of this process is owning dating right counter be angry about the dependent other’s behavior has impacted our lives – starting in childhood. Classic counterdependent behavior focuses completely on the self and builds huge walls to keep others out. It is hard for those of us who exhibit classically ‘counterdependent’ behavior patterns to even consider that we may be codependent.

We have lived our lives trying to prove that dating don’t you others, that counter are independent and strong. The counterdependent is the other counterdependency dating the spectrum. If our behavior patterns have been primarily counterdependent it means that we were wounded so badly in childhood that in order to survive we had to convince ourselves that need don’t need other people, that it is never safe to the close you other people. Counter of us has our own spectrum of behavioral defenses to protect us from being hurt emotionally.

We can be codependent in one relationship and dependent in another – or we can swing from co to counter – within the same relationship. Often, you who is primarily counterdependent will get involved with someone who is even more counterdependent and then will act out the codependent role in that particular relationship – the counterdependency can happen with two people with primarily codependent patterns.

Both the classic dependent patterns and the classic counterdependent dependent counter behavioral defenses, strategies, designed to protect us from being abandoned.

The Dangers of Counterdependency – When You Never Need Anyone

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Being counter dependent is an unhealthy habit. getting too involved in a relationship, they will often date someone they never really like.

Do you feel panicked when you reveal too much about yourself, fearing you might drive that person away? Do you fantasize about a relationship escape plan? Do you get anxious when your partner seems aloof? Are you a serial dater? Do you need continual reassurance from your spouse? Do you micromanage your partner, always needing to know where and what he or she is doing?

Are you a suspicious person? Do you have commitment problems? Do your fears of rejection keep you from entering new relationships? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you might have abandonment issues. Abandonment is a feeling of disconnectedness, rejection, and neediness. The aftermath of this type of trauma generates a looming fear of not only losing connection with the people you love, but being forced to fend for yourself.

Because these anxieties reside deep within the subconscious, many people are unaware that much of their choices are driven by the intent to defend themselves from getting hurt again.