Marked by an open mind and inquiring intellect, Aquarians are equally generous and in their personal relationships. People with this zodiac sign are born from 20th January to 19th February. So if you are dating an Aquarius woman, here is what you can look forward to. TIP: Know your Aquarius girl – ask her the right questions. Try ‘ Tell Me Honey The one trait of personality perhaps which makes an Aquarius stand out from the crowd is a keen, inquiring mind. They are interested in getting into the heart of everything and knowing how it works.

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Email address:. The Aquarius woman has a tremendous thirst for freedom. Unconventional and wacky, the Aquarius woman needs people who are open-minded. Trust her and you are sure to have a great time. A sign of the Air element , the Aquarius is primarily focused on activities that are either social, or intellectual.

Those born in the sign of the waterbearer will always surprise you; not only do they have great tips for getting ahead at work, they also get along.

Aquarians are the independent weirdos of the world, often creative and quite unique. Granted, this makes dating somewhat interesting. Aquarius has emotions that run deep as a puddle. Though they can sometimes be temperamental as a result, Aquarians are rather emotional. Sometimes viewed as detached, it is more a matter of feeling things in a different way than expected. They can be very warm in love and look to please their partners. Because they tend to connect to their partners in ways others may not understand, it is easy for an Aquarius to feel insecure in a relationship.

They can feel as if no one truly understands them.

Love Advice for the Aquarius Woman

You can decide how to attract an Aquarius woman with your words and actions based on her zodiac personality traits. These characteristics can serve as guideposts for how you can approach and respond to an Aquarius woman. An Aquarius woman likes to be mentally engaged. When you first meet, you should demonstrate your interest in her thoughts and opinions. Be genuine and sincere. You don’t want to lay all your cards out on the table when you first meet an Aquarius woman.

Like, the fact that both the man and woman Aquarius are obstinate in nature, each one of them in their own ways. Also, both the Aquarians are oblivious and.

For all women seeking a relationship with him, tips for dating Aquarius man are the need to do you a lot of good for sure, and to help making him go nuts over you. Without a doubt, the Aquarius male is one of the most cerebral of the zodiac signs. He is all about being stimulated intellectually. When it comes to romance, he prefers staying in a relationship in which having plenty of mental stimulation.

He is often in a world of his own — this makes him attractive. In fact, this Water individual needs to know who his partner is before jump in to the intimacy of a romantic bond with her. If you ever run into an Aquarius man, you will notice one thing instantly — his mind is always in constant motion. He is actually an eccentric, brainy intellect who has plenty of ideas and plans; not surprising at all if he keeps coming up with amazing new things to accomplish.

You can find him surrounded by a large bushel of friends from a party, but yet he sometimes can appear to be a coolly detached loner. As a result, he is assigned as being cold and distant. According to Aquarius Men Personality Characteristics , the guy of Aquarius zodiac sign is social and outgoing, friendly, and interesting and kind. Most women find him attractive; well, he can be charming without meaning to be.

He is a visionary with tons of fantastic ideas and perceptions that will keep you guessing and wondering. Additionally, allow him to see your genius, your quirkiness, or everything that make you unique.

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OK you say you like me, you came over to talk to me, you are other because all your relationships are chatting me up, but I didn’t take them up on it did I? So what if I sent my friendship over with your drink, seems as though you were into her, and she is enamoured with you, so what do you want from me? A date? A date I now have to keep secret for my woman?

Dating an Aquarius woman: 5 simple steps how to attract an Aquarius woman in | One of the best tips here is not to interfere with her personal space.

But still there is no one like an Aquarius woman, and there is probably no other sign that is more misunderstood. Like her sister air signs, Gemini and Libra, she relies on thought and intellect to navigate through life, rather than raw emotion. Aquarius is a progressive and forward thinker but the Aquarius woman is also highly attached to her memories and her roots.

This attitude can be seen in all of her relationships. For the Aquarius woman, love is not something to take lightly. She will take as long as she needs to warm up to someone fully before she can say she is in love. Still, she knows how to play the game and she is a savvy player, making small, incremental steps towards developing a deep connection. Remember, she does everything with thought first.

One thing an Aquarius woman wants in love more than anything is open communication. Following closely as number two, she wants to know that her lover is strong, smart and able to withstand some of the challenges she may throw their way. There are a few things the Aquarius woman needs in love, and they are needs that cannot go ignored or be dismissed: She must have her independence, and of course with independence comes freedom.

And she needs room to move, freedom to shake things up and she needs a partner who will go along for the ride. If she surprises you with a birthday cake complete with candles and a song all before you go to work, just go along with the fun. She needs someone who appreciates her quirks and kinks.

Seven Dating Tips for Aquarius Women

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So if you are dating an Aquarius woman, here is what you can look forward to. TIP: Know your Aquarius girl – ask her the right questions. Try ‘Tell Me.

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach. I have always been interested in astrology. The idea that every sign holds some deep insight about a person that is seldom seen on the surface has always intrigued me. As an Aquarius woman myself, I feel I have some input to offer on this topic, so here it goes. Aquarius women are an enigma in every sense of the word.

Just when you think you have them figured out, they go and completely surprise you with the unexpected and you’re left wondering what the heck just happened. Aquarius women are unpredictable and really like no other sign out there. If you find yourself with one long term, you might just be in for the ride of your life because they are anything but boring.

Life with an Aquarius woman would be anything but ordinary. If you want the white picket fence and 2. That’s not to say that you can’t have a family with an Aquarius woman, because you definitely can, but it’s going to be done in a way that is anything but normal. Just getting an Aquarius woman to settle down can be quite a challenge. This is partly because Aquarius women are fiercely independent.

Dating Aquarius Woman – The Aquarius Woman – A Dating Guide

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If you are a Leo man in love with an Aquarius woman, or vice versa, this Leo Man and Aquarius Woman: Relationship Compatibility Guide If You’re Not Dating These Zodiac Signs, You’re in For Heartbreak – Your Guide to Zodiac.

Being in a relationship with an Aquarian will force you to think differently. Aquarians in love are staunchly independent, fun and full of surprises. It’s a truism that Aquarians like to be friends first. They want to keep things light and stimulating. It’s fair to say they move from the outside in, and flee from any sign of being held in love’s embrace. Aquarians are free spirits, so as soon as you feel like you’ve established a rapport, they do or say something totally unexpected to break free from the love hold.

The Aquarius man has lots of friends, some with benefits. The Aquarius woman defies stereotypes, and is often glamorous, but detached. First dates with Aquarians should be fun and not too romantically claustrophobic. They’d rather roam together or in a group of friends than suffer what they view as the usual “getting to know you” litany.

Right from the start, you may notice they have short attention spans, following the shiniest object in the room — even if that object happens to be another attractive person. But if the electricity is there between the two of you, it’s a good start.

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These women are puzzling from a lot of points of view. They are quirky and charming, passionate and gentle, unpredictable and full of unconventional ideas. They know their right from wrong and they are very persistent in their plans. This zodiac sign does not go in line with the stereotypical views of society.

How to Date an Aquarius Woman. Aquarius women are a paradox. Trying to figure this woman out is like trying to rope the wind. She will have inconsistency.

Aquarius women are unique, independent and sometimes unpredictable, in wonderful ways! They are passionate, thoughtful and free, but at the same time full of energy and headstrong. Here are some ideas on how to keep your Aquarius woman happy. But everything you seem to do kind of annoys her. Be sure to tread carefully in these early stages and realize that she is an independent spirit. Easily the worst possible thing you can do to an Aquarius woman is to overwhelm her through constant texting, emailing or calling.

In fact, this is the easiest way to get an Aquarius woman to back off! The best advice for trying to regain the attention of your Aquarius woman is to literally do nothing at all. Back off completely. If there is one thing an Aquarius woman hates it is being deceived and you will be much better off telling the truth no matter what happens, even if you believe it will hurt her. To her the truth is everything and she might be willing to forgive an error of judgment if the truth comes out directly and quickly.

You might feel insecure now and again because she never seems to be happy while she is with you. But Aquarius females are not happy with friends, without friends.

How To Date An Aquarius Woman