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Usually, when you come to the grocery store, you know exactly which bread you should buy, which sausage you prefer, and which milk your children drink. This is due to extensive experience in the selection of products, several unsuccessful purchases and taste preferences. Usually you spend about the same time on purchases. And imagine that you were in an unfamiliar countrynot speaking your native language and saw before you new packages of unknown products, odd fruits and vegetables, and price tags in an incomprehensible language. How much time do you spend on purchases? I think a lot more than usual. And how great it would be at this moment if a person came up and in your native language would offer you help in choosing and warn you against unsuccessful purchases.

Such a person is – it’s me! 

Hosting Search

Hosting Rating

Usually, people who first encounter hosting in general have little idea what it is and even more so about what qualities hosting should possess. It is for such people that I created my website, which has a rating of hosting providers , so that it would be easier for you to navigate the world of hosting services and make your choice. It does not matter whether you buy a hosting that I recommend or some other, my rating – a review will help you compare.

So, if you started searching for a hosting provider, then first you need to determine the goals and objectives that you set for yourself:

  • For the audience of which country do you create your website?
  • Why are you creating a website? For the soul or for business. From this will depend on paid or free hosting you select.
  • How many visitors do you expect to be on your site? This can be predicted by visiting similar sites. The estimate of course is too approximate.

If you already know the answers to these questions, you can proceed directly to the search for hosting.

One note – my site is designed for Russia and the CIS countries, but my hosting provider is located in the United States. And this fact does not interfere with the work of my site. Making my choice, I took into account the moment that the response time of my site may be a little longer. But the rest of the parameters of the American hosting put a fat point in my unconditional choice in favor of it.

How is my rating

As you have already noticed, I make my rating only among American hosting providers. Why? 

And so, in search of worthy representatives of American hosting, I comb through all the Internet, American websites and forums, until I find a provider that will interest me. And then I give him a tough check, with podkovyrkami, with the search for compromising and exposing. This path is very long and thorny, but you need to go through it so that you can make your own objective opinion about each hosting.

Usually, the hosting provider writes about all the characteristics in their tariff plans, but who will take their word for it! It is better to check everything in practice. So, I spend a test drive of each hosting:

1. Uptime

The most important, in my opinion, is the availability of the site. After all, if your site is constantly unavailable, then you lose customers, which means money. This parameter is called UpTime and it is at the level of 98-99% for good providers. But to verify the accuracy of this data, I use the utility “ping”, which shows the time of data transfer from the client to the server and back. I check this parameter several times a day, at different times of the day and even days of the week to form an objective opinion.

2. Channel load

The ping utility also helps me track another important parameter — the site channel load. With ping, I send requests to many computers around the globe, and they try to contact him at the same time. After a while, I get a report on the channel load.

3. Traffic

Almost all American hosting providers offer unlimited traffic. In fact, this is not quite the case ( more about unlimited hosting ). Traffic is always limited , the question is whether you can reach this limit. The volume of traffic can be calculated manually (the average size of one page of the site is multiplied by the number of visitors per day, multiplied by the number of views per day and multiplied by the number of days of the month = average traffic per month). Read more about traffic calculation . But this parameter very much depends on the real number of visitors to the site, and not the predicted one, and on how loaded the site is with information, pictures, graphics, video, etc. For example, I take the simplest and most complex site and make up the average.

4. Backup

Data security or BackUp is a very important parameter. As in the case when your site “falls”, there is a risk of losing all your data. Therefore, it is important that the server stores every day all the data on your site. I mainly test providers in which there are 1 or more methods of data integrity. The bigger, the better. Solution to the problem with backup if your provider does not have it .

5. Control Panel

The functionality of the hosting panel is a very important parameter for me. I am a conservative in essence and do not like every time to delve into the subtleties of the new software . I prefer to use the familiar cPanel for everyone, and therefore I immediately dismiss hosting providers who provide their own panel with various obscure options and do not provide the possibility of working with cPanel.

6. Software

Software that the provider provides is also important. I love it when there is the possibility of supporting many applications and programs. Therefore, the greater the variety of software offered by the hosting provider – the higher it is in my ranking.

7. Price

And, of course – the price. It would be worth putting it in the first place. But this hosting option for me is not of paramount importance . On average, American hosting is not much different in price categories. In order not to fool their heads to themselves and customers, they offer one tariff and unlimited possibilities. Prices vary only depending on the status of the company.

8. Support service

The level of technical support. Do you think that it’s not so important how the operator communicates with you? Bought and forgotten? But no! This is not a saleswoman in vodka. This is like a doctor whom you will have to contact if you have health problems. And therefore it is very important that he was not only correct, but also competent. And besides, operational. This is my favorite strength test. I like to communicate with technical support, send them letters, torment them with questions. I usually do this twice, as it may happen that the best or the worst support staff member will fall for me and I will draw the wrong conclusions.

So, how much work I have to do to share with you the experience and with a clear conscience to recommend this or that hosting provider.

Sampling parameters

Having all the initial data on the quality of hosting, I begin to make my rating. Rating options are simple and straightforward. The rating scale is from 0 to 5 points, or rather stars. To make it clear to you, I will vividly give an example of the rating of all offered hosting providers and each separately:

If you click on the link on the right under the title “Read Review”, then go to the overview page, where you will see the rating of the individual provider and its parameters.

Hosting selection

Now you understand where these stars come from. Of course, you can say that my rating is subjective. And it will be true. I just prefer American hosting, I prefer high-quality hosting, I prefer ample opportunities for my site, I prefer to work with qualified specialists who know their work and I really do not like to overpay. Therefore, my rating is very subjective. Are there any fair people in the world? The choice is yours, the main thing is to remember what you want from your site. By the way, I have a whole bunch of articles about the choice of hosting .

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