An old friend is better than two new ones?

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Every day thousands of new companies appear in the hosting industry, creating the impression of reliable and promising providers. Some of them remain on the market for a long time, some disappear without a trace. Before web masters is a difficult choice – to trust providers with experience or beginners.

Here are some tips to help you make a choice.

The advantages of working with a new hosting company

1. New equipment. Most likely, your site will be placed on the newest equipment.

2. Individual approach to each client. In contrast to the “old people” of the hosting industry, the new company cares about attracting new customers, so the staff of this company will be very attentive to you and offer their help.

3. Low prices. In the face of fierce competition, new companies are forced to offer their customers a “tasty” price.

4. More recent versions of programs. Software development does not stand still, and new hosting companies use the latest ones.

5. Less bureaucracy. There is a special advantage for a client in any start-up company: there are still few employees in it and therefore there is only one or two people from a client to a director of a company, which means that it’s possible to resolve any problems much faster.

The advantages of working with an old hosting company

1. Stability. The future of such a company is less predictable, unlike the new one. And the company’s reputation is likely to play in its favor, if any problems appear on the horizon.

2. Reliability. Like everything else in our life, the reliability of the hosting provider is checked by time. That is why the company that has seen the species has adjusted its work for many years and the downtime here is kept to a minimum.

3. Experienced staff. New hosting companies due to the small budget often hire not quite professionally trained staff. As for the old companies, the staff here is more competent and has extensive experience working with clients.

4. Customer support. Older hosting companies aim to ensure that their clients always remain THEIR clients. Therefore, they have a special maintenance policy, while offering various services, bonuses and more.

5. The best solution to major problems. Large hosting providers always have their own data centers and large query verification staffs, the work of such companies to solve your problems will certainly be more efficient and faster.


Of course, companies that have just been created can offer you the most up-to-date software and services on the most up-to-date and perfect equipment, but acquiring hosting in such companies is playing a game of chance, maybe lucky.

In this game, the reliability and stability of companies that have long existed in the market of hosting services and won the trust of many users, wins .

You decide, and you may prefer to plunge into the world of new ideas and technologies and develop and grow with a new hosting company together. After all, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. Good luck!

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