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Any hard drive may break. And there is no guarantee that this will not happen. And when this happens, information is lost. May be part, and sometimes completely all. World Back Up Day is celebrated on March 31st to remind you what to do and keep backups of your data: financial information, important documents, media collections (music, movies, books), and one of the most important

things in our life – memories (photos, home videos).

Statistics say one out of ten laptops will be stolen. Every 53 seconds around the world they steal a laptop. Fifty percent of all hard drives break down within five years. The statistics do not lie and report that 89.1% of PC users do not make regular backups. In fact, this is the way to large losses of information .

Moreover, a recent study found that 90 percent of companies, due to loss of digital data, go out of business during the first two years, with 70% of companies going out of business after a major data loss. This is a huge amount!

Can you evaluate your digital data (information on the hard disk) in rubles or dollars? What do they mean to you? For many people, the information on the hard disk is priceless. Just imagine the loss of photos of your children when the hard drive breaks down. Forever and ever. You will be ready to give any money in the hope of recovering at least some part of these dear ones close to your heart.

This situation can be easily avoided if you have a back up of all your data. Ideally, it is better to keep backup copies of important information on an external drive and also on a remote computer.

In Texas (USA), where HostGator’s offices are located , research results have been astonished, as hurricanes and forest fires have destroyed digital data in recent years. Very often, a computer and an external hard drive with backups are located in a house that has been destroyed and all important data is lost .

There is a way that even in such conditions your valuable information will remain safe. For example, visit and download a free trial version of storing your expensive data in the cloud. Whatever happens to cloud storage, you can be sure that your personal digital information will remain secure.

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