Does hosting and domain influence website promotion?

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The choice of domain and hosting is important for the promotion of the site, but it is not the main factor that determines the success of the enterprise. High-quality content and a competent approach to optimization are much more important . If the content of the portal does not attract people, and search engine optimization is performed incorrectly, the portal will not fall into the TOP-10, no matter what successful domain and hosting you choose.At the same time, if the site is loaded for a long time, “lies” regularly (gives 500 error), “hangs” during internal requests (for example, when filtering in an online store), then you should not expect first places in search results. Therefore, saving 100-200 rubles per month can negate all efforts to promote the site .

Consider how to choose the right hosting and domain, which parameters to pay attention to when selecting to improve the results of website promotion.We offer: – 
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What hosting options affect SEO?

Consider how to choose the right hosting and domain, which parameters to pay attention to when selecting to improve the results of website promotion.


This value indicates the amount of time hosted on the hosting site is working normally. So, if uptime is 99.5%, the portal is unavailable 0.5% of the time, or half a minute out of every 100 minutes. From the parameters of hosting uptime affects the success of website promotion in the first place .

Of course, any hosting provider will assure that uptime with him if not 100%, then 99.99999 for sure. The easiest way to check if words do not diverge is to connect the Yandex Metrics counter. Uptime statistics can be viewed in the section “Standard” – “Monitoring” – “Test results”. Here is the result for our hosting for the last year:


Search engines constantly make requests to the site to identify new pages and perform indexing. If there are frequent interruptions in the work, such new pages are poorly indexed, and old ones can temporarily fall out of the index or drop in the ranking – all this negatively affects the seo optimization.For successful promotion, choose a reliable hosting with uptime of 99.9% and higher.

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Site loading speed

Download speed is the next most important parameter after reliability. This value determines how many pages the search algorithm will index. In addition, it affects the behavior of users. In the era of high-speed Internet and “heavy” portals, choose a hosting that will provide instant web pages.

Otherwise, visitors will not want to linger on the site for a long time, and the behavioral factor every year becomes more important for promotion. Other things being equal, sites that run quickly have higher ratings.You can measure the page loading speed with .


Please note – if the site uses a “heavy” CMS, or there are a lot of non-optimized images on the page, the download speed will not be high regardless of the choice of hosting.

Physical location of the server

Choose a hosting that is physically located in the same country as the main audience of the site. In this case, the distance traveled by the data from the user to the portal and back will be small, and this will ensure quick return of the content.

A Russian site hosted on a Russian hosting service, other things being equal, is much faster than a resource that is hosted on a server physically located in the USA. Due to this, attendance and reputation are higher, and progress is more successful.Linux VPS SSD hosting in Moscow with KVM virtualization – full access to a virtual private server, the ability to install the necessary software.

Recharge recharge

Some hosters not only send by e-mail a notification about the need to deposit funds into the account one month prior to the expiration of the due date, but also call the client. In addition, they can postpone the shutdown of the site for 1-2 weeks in the event that payment is not made on time.

By choosing such a “correct” hosting provider, you will reduce the risk of shutting down the site for non-payment to a minimum – even in the event of force majeure circumstances that prevent you from making payment in time.There are also such companies that do not send notifications about the expiration of the deposit of funds to the account. Some hosting providers disable the site immediately after the end of the paid time, or in a situation where even a slight overrun of disk space has occurred. Avoid working with similar companies.

Domain parameters affecting seo

If the hosting where the site is located is not good enough, you can change it. But the choice of a domain, that is, the name of the portal by which visitors will recognize it, must be approached more responsibly. After changing this address, you will need to start from scratch, the site under the new name will be indexed by search engines for several months. Therefore, from the very beginning choose the domain correctly.

How does a domain name affect website promotion?

Choosing a domain zone has almost no effect on website promotion. But it is better to avoid frankly non-thematic options: for example, the .info domain is not suitable for a commercial site.

In addition, do not buy domains in cheap and rare – “sales” – zones. Since registration in them costs little, many “junk” sites are located here, and this factor impedes promotion.Domains in popular national and international zones at a discount – domains of Russia in the zone .RU , and .РФ , international domains .COM , .NET , .BIZ , .ORG , .ME .

Domain Level Impact

Domain level matters. Subdomains (third level domain names) of the form ***. ***. Ru are indexed by search engines worse than the main domains (second level domains) that look like ***. Ru. Search engines analyze each of the levels in a certain way, and it is difficult to get to the top positions in the ranking of a site with a third-level domain. As a result, SEO promotion efforts invested in the subdomain will not pay off in due measure.

HTTPS protocol

https protocol

Using an SSL certificate provides a secure connection of the user to the site, encrypting the connection, which improves the dynamics of portal promotion in search results. Such protection is primarily important for sites that accept payments. For such portals, the use of the HTTP protocol, in which traffic is not encrypted, will be a disadvantage that prevents SEO promotion. After switching to HTTPS, the visibility index of the pages of these web portals decreases.

Domain History

To avoid unpleasant surprises, check the history of the domain – the history of registration, the history of indexation by search algorithms, the history of sanctions that were imposed on the domain name by search engines.This should be done in the event that you buy an already registered domain name from the previous owner, and when registering a new address. Domain owners often abandon them – either because they lose interest in the development of the site, or because there are problems with the portal.

After the expiration of the paid registration term, such a domain name falls into a free sale, and it already has a history. You can check it on the web archive or on whois data.Detailed instructions – how to check the domain name before purchase.


Some domains fall under the filters of search engines. As a result, the pages of the site are no longer indexed. To make sure that the domain name is not under one filter, you will have to buy it first. It is impossible to carry out such a check before the domain acquisition, therefore, it will not be possible to avoid the risk.

However, after the domain is at your disposal, be sure to make sure it is clean. If it turns out that the domain is under the filter, you will face a choice – whether to take it out of this state or better not to spend money on promotion of the purchased name.How to check the domain on the filter AGS – read the article.


The presence of a keyword in the site name has almost no effect on search engine promotion. However, if the key is entered in the domain name, the site is more likely to attract the attention of the target audience. Its subject matter is clear from the title, and such an improvement in the appearance of the portal in search results will increase the number of visitors.

As you can see, in the domains there is nothing like “kupit-notebook-moskva”

domain impact on promotion

Domain age

The more time has passed since the domain registration, the more the search algorithms trust it. Use this moment for SEO promotion – if the domain name was not used before or was used for the project of the same subject, search engines will perceive the site better. To get such a successful domain name to promote the portal, purchase a drop domain or buy an old domain from the owner.Choosing the right domain and hosting is where it makes sense to start an online project promotion. The forces and time spent on SEO promotion of a site that has a “correct” address and a “correct” company hosted on the server will certainly bring high returns – the position of such a resource will grow at the highest possible rate.

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