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Company iPage c more than 800 employees and customers on several continents, is one of the largest web hosting providers in the world. Currently, there are more than 1,000,000 sites hosted on iPage servers. Significant number, which proves that the provider is successful and reliable.

iPage offers virtual hosting services that are packaged in one attractive and affordable hosting plan. The plan includes unlimited resources (disk space, bandwidth, email), as well as a number of additional features, such as free credits for the SiteLock Secure security package, which is exclusive to the hosting market.

The only hosting plan from iPage, however, does not contain some bells and whistles. For example, if you need SSH, you should think twice before choosing a hosting service from the iPage team.

What is SSH and what is it for?

From the layman’s point of view, SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol that creates a secure communication channel through a network. SSH works with many types of servers, including Unix, Linux and Windows, and it is widely used for remote access to computers over the Internet. SSH replaces older network communication protocols such as Telent, which do not provide encryption, and are therefore less secure.

Site administrators use SSH to log onto hosting to transfer files securely.

Do you need SSH?

The answer to this question depends on your level of knowledge in the field of network technologies and on the purpose of your hosting provider iPage. If you are just starting your online business and want to set up a simple website or blog, then most likely you do not need to know what SSH is and how you can use it.

SSH is an advanced tool that allows administrators to establish secure connections directly on the server. For example, specialists can use Secure Shell to send commands to the server using the console. If you do not need encryption or remote access to the server, respectively, you do not need SSH and there is no point in choosing a provider that provides such an opportunity

When is ssh needed?

SSH was designed for security, so if you often operate on confidential data and you need to secure the transfer, it is better to look in the direction of another hosting provider that provides SSH. In principle, Secure Shell encrypts the exchange of data between two computers connected to the network. An insecure protocol, such as FTP, sends passwords in a free text form, which makes it possible to intercept them during an organized attack. Typically, hackers analyze data that is transmitted over the network and, thus, have the opportunity to determine the passwords for access to the hosting and get unauthorized access to servers.

SSH allows you to protect transmitted data using secret encryption keys that are available only to authorized users.

Do you need an SSH feature?

iPage offers a budget virtual hosting plan with a wide range of options. The iPage single tariff plan is mainly targeted at users who have relatively simple requirements and do not want to overpay for an additional set of features that may never be needed. If you are an experienced user or you need Secure Shell for hosting, then you need to select another hosting provider.

For regular users, SSH and other advanced features are not of critical importance. Therefore, if you need an affordable hosting plan without useless bells and whistles, then I recommend renting a hosting service from iPage.

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