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For the second year in a row, March 1 in Russia is hosted Hosting Day . About 10 years ago, the phrase “hosting provider” in Russia was something incomprehensible and untranslatable into Russian. Since then, the hosting industry in Russia has undergone many changes. First, the growing number of Internet users in the country has caused acuteneed for hosting services. Many entrepreneurs, as well as government agencies, expressed a desire to place resources on the Internet. Today, the development of hosting services in Russia is indeed proceeding at a rapid pace.

But let’s remember that the homeland of the hosting is the United States . This industry in America was born a long time ago and developed at a very fast pace. Therefore, our lag behind them is quite understandable and logical.

Today in the US there are about 20 thousand . working hosting providers against 400 in Russia. The development of this industry in America went in a very tough competitive environment, so everyone tried to offer more and better, improving their technology, quality and quantity of services provided. At the same time, prices for hosting were constantly decreasing. They remain to this day, perhaps the lowest in the world . At the same time, the package of services included in this price contains all the necessary options and even more .

In this case, domestic hosting providers sin too wide variety of tariff plans . In order for a client to choose a suitable plan, he needs to know exactly what features he will use for his site and how much traffic he will need. Typically, such forecasts are difficult to build and the client acquires a minimum package of services, and soon begins to acquire additional options for a fee. Thus, the cost of hosting services increases significantly.

As for foreign providers, over the long period of their existence, they have developed an optimal plan for an average client who is suitable for everyone. Such a package of services, as they say “all inclusive”, allows the user to without thinking about buying the proposed tariff. Many of them do not use half of the available options and traffic, so the provider is not very afraid for overload. In addition, powerful servers help them maintain confidence in their abilities.

Here, of course, there is nothing for domestic hosting to boast. Service prices are quite high , and the quality leaves much to be desired. But is everything so bad? Let’s look at and identify the main advantages and disadvantages of Russian and American hosting.

Hosting Benefits Comparison

American hostingRussian hosting
1. Reliability of the technical base and equipment and high degree of data protection1. The physical presence of servers in Russia will allow your site to quickly load on the user’s page.
2. Fast and equipped servers have a large bandwidth, which virtually eliminates the possibility of overloading the server and lines.2. Technical support in Russian. 
3. Uptime 99.9% from most providers.3. Payment for services in a convenient way (via Yandex Money or WebMoney)
4. Cheapness of services. On average, for $ 3-5 per month you get unlimited traffic and disk space, e-mail addresses and domains. In addition, a huge number of bonuses and coupons for the promotion of the site and so on.
5. The debugged and fast technical support on various communication channels. Timely and high-quality customer service for all issues.
6. All hosting providers provide an opportunity to use their services in a test mode and guarantee a refund to all dissatisfied before the expiration of the established period (usually about 30 days).

Comparison of hosting disadvantages

American hostingRussian hosting
1. Payment for services is often made with a credit card, which is not very popular in Russia.1. Technical support does not have enough experience to solve many problems and communicate with customers.
2. Knowledge of English for communication with technical support service.2. Uptime is much lower than that of foreign providers.
3. The price of services is much higher than that of foreign providers (about $ 10-20 per month), and the number of services is much less.
4. Traffic and disk space have a limited resource, so you will have to pay a lot for unlimited hosting.
5. A huge variety of tariff plans, with a set of various services, which complicates the choice of the client and eventually increases the average price for hosting services.

Progress, as they say, does not stand still and the hosting industry is developing in Russia at a rapid pace. Perhaps soon we will be able to boast the technical equipment of domestic servers, a large number of competitors and low prices. But for now, this is only a perspective.

Maybe it is the support of the domestic manufacturer that will help the rapid growth of hosting services, but choose you.

Try, consult and choose the most optimal and reliable hosting for your project, because the main thing is your success.

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