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US-known hosting browser, announced the results of the “ Best Hosting of the Year for Joomla ” contest. employs a whole group of professional web hosting reviewers to help people find the best hosting for their site. Annual award “Best hosting”

is one of the most significant and reputable in the world of the hosting industry. At the end of 2019, American hosting Hostgator was named first in terms of quality and compatibility of work .

How to choose a winner

The award “Best Hosting of the Year for Joomla” is held annually among those hosting companies that have been on the market for more than 2 years. Prize organizers deliberately bypass young companies, as it is difficult to objectively evaluate their work in a too short period of time, without sufficient data on the performance of the hosting provider.

Each contestant is rated on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the highest mark. The evaluation criteria are five main:

  1. Price category
  2. Control Panel
  3. Technical support
  4. Reliability
  5. Speed

Voting is carried out by counting points on the ballots. After the counting of votes, the best hosting companies are determined and, based on the results, the supervisory board visits the websites of the most popular candidates and makes a final decision.

Results of 2019

According to the editor of the team, the award was based on consideration of factors such as: Joomla compatibility, Joomla customer support level, availability and quality of feedback.

CMS Joomla today runs on 2.7% of the websites of individuals, small and medium businesses and large organizations. Joomla is a powerful and at the same time easy to use open source application. And although many hosting providers promise compatibility with Joomla, only a very reliable and modern hosting will be able to ensure smooth and fast work with the Joomla application.

According to the results of the competition, the prize 1, 2 and 3 places were taken by Hostgator, Bluehost and InmotionHosting, respectively. All of them provide full 100% compatibility with the Joomla application.

Results of the contest “The best hosting for Joomla 2019”

RankJoomla hostingMain characteristicsExtended capabilitiesOverview
oneBest Hosting for JoomlaPrice: $ 3.96 / monthUnlimited spaceUnlimited trafficUnlimited Email CountHosting for 1 domain99.9% UptimeBackup on demand45 days money back guaranteeRead review
2A large number of opportunitiesPrice: $ 4.95 / monthUnlimited spaceUnlimited trafficUnlimited Email Count1 free domainUnlimited Domains99.9% UptimeLifetime Money Back GuaranteeRead review
3Best hosting for businessPrice: $ 5.95 / monthUnlimited spaceUnlimited trafficUnlimited Email Count1 Free DomainHosting for 2 domainsAutomatic backup data90 days full money backNo review yet

Why did they turn out to be winners?

All of the above companies provide the best conditions for Joomla support, such as:

  1. 100% compatible with Joomla
  2. Memory limit PHP 64 MB or more
  3. PHP runs as suPHP to increase Joomla security.
  4. Uptime 99.9% (Uptime)
  5. World-class data centers have more powerful servers than usual
  6. Prompt and quality customer service response.
  7. More than 8 years in the business, during which, you can track their performance.

Hostgator is selected among the applicants as a hosting with stable service and active customer support. The performance of its databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL) is set up so that the site working with the Joomla application has very good speed.

In addition, the company Hostgator ranked 21 according to the magazine Inc. Magazine for 2008, among the fastest growing US companies.

Bluehost is a very popular hosting provider in the US market, as it is not only very fast, but also cheap. Their MySQL databases are very well optimized, which allows the Bluehost site to work with the Joomla application without any problems.

Inmotionhosting uses very powerful servers to serve their clients. Their Speed ​​Zone technology allows you to speed up your website and email by placing data as close as possible to you. In addition, Inmotionhosting has a powerful customer support system that is ready to help at any time and answer any question promptly.

Each hosting on the market is designed for specific purposes. It can be hosting for a small blog and for a large global corporation or an internet business. Therefore, holds contests among hosting companies in many categories. It can be the best hosting for different applications, for all sorts of businesses with different operating systems . Therefore, you can make the choice of the best hosting for your goals and objectives. It remains only to decide.

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